Thursday, February 27, 2020

Toyotas Efficiency and the Management System of the Organization Essay

Toyotas Efficiency and the Management System of the Organization - Essay Example The company’s production has been rising significantly with the economy and by 2012 it reached a level when it was the only company to produce ten million vehicles over twelve month period (Piotrowski and Guyette, 2010). The company was known for its quality products in the economy. The managers and the employees within the firm are efficient enough in running the business successfully. According to the researcher, it is considered as the world’s largest multinational automobile producing company. The company has been highly successful in gaining brand loyalty from the customers in the automobile market. It has gained competitiveness in the fuel efficiency as well as the designs that are highly favorable to the customers. Researchers say that Toyota’s efficiency has been due to the efficient production process applied by the company (Choi, Dooley and Rungtusanatham, 2001). The continuous improvement in the company’s technological process has been due to the horizontal and vertical integration in the production process. The researcher says that unlike the other multinational companies, Toyota’s focus has been on the quality of the vehicles that it produces and whether the company is efficient in producing as per the demands of the customers (Rajasekera, 2013). The company follows certain principles in order to carry out its business as the company launched a new program known as the ‘Toyota Way’ that depicts the culture within the economy (Rajasekera, 2013). The company follows the

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